Ban Appeals

Submit  this form to appeal your ban. Or to recieve a quicker response open a ticket on our Discord Server. It could take 1-2 days for us to review your appeal. While your appeal is being reviewed, do not remind staff to check your appeal. To check the status of your ban appeal, or to read other players' appeals, view  this spreadsheet. If your appeal is initially denied, you can re-appeal, but please wait 7 days before posting a new appeal.

Mod Application

Submit  this form to apply for the mod position. Do not remind staff to check your application. You will be automatically promoted when you log in if your application has been accepted. If you want to change your application, resubmit the form.We don't reject staff applications, so we cannot notify you of it being rejected. Instead, we place all applications into a pool. When we need staff, we pick the best candidates in that pool. Re-applying every month, even if it's the same application, can increase your chances of being selected. It may take up to two months for an application to be accepted.