Getting Started


Violating our rules may result in a ban. Appeal a ban on our  forms page.

For a list of all ranks and their capabilities, please visit  the ranks page.

Voting rewards
/vote will provide you with 4 links. Click on them, provide your username, and submit your vote. Voting will give you 1 Voting Diamond, 1 vote point, and it will increase your vote total by 1. For more information on voting,  click here to visit the voting page.

Ranking up will increase the amount of /homes you can create. Create a home with /sethome [home name]. List your homes with /homes. Delete a home with /delhome [home name]. Visit any of your homes with /home [home name].Members can only set one home, and can omit the [home name] variable in the above commands.

You can apply for staff on our forms page. You must be at least stray rank to apply for staff.

InstaCraft prides itself in its fast response time in helping players if they are griefed. We don't implement any land claim system but are rapid in finding griefers as well as rolling back any damage that may have been done. We do however implement a chest locking.In order to give your friends permission to open containers such as chests and furnaces, use /blocklocker [line] [username].

If you need attention from a staff member, you can either /helpop [message] or post a message in our Discord. When both options are available, please only complete one of them. Discord is generally resolved faster, and we would recommend creating only a ticket when possible.

Tickets (Currently down)
You can create a ticket with /ticket [issue]. For instance, you would type /ticket My beacon was griefed. Some iron blocks are missing if your beacon was griefed and you had forgotten to claim it. Please be aware that tickets may take up to 24 hours to resolve but can be resolved in just a few minutes depending on the time that they're created. Please create the ticket at the location of the issue.

Alternatively, you can receive support by requesting support in our #general channel. Please describe the issue in detail and provide the coordinates if applicable. You can join our Discord  here.

If there is an emergency, such as a raid of spammers, please type @staff in-game and describe the issue. For example, you could type "@staff the server is being raided by spammers." Typing @staff will send a mobile or desktop notification to all staff members, so please refrain from using it when not absolutely necessary.


Our server is heavily centered around our community. Please join our Discord to talk while offline, share memes, and play games.

You can make suggestions and view them through our Discord. Please view our suggestions page for more information. Feel free to provide feedback on other suggestions!

Got a technical question? Feel free to ask! We don't believe in concealing any aspects of the server. All plugins are visible in /pl, and you can check the TPS through /tps. 

Don't forget to checkout the google earth view of your builds by using the dynmap, click here.

Insta has several methods of making money.

Server Shop (Soon)
You can sell select items to the server shop at /warp shop. The server shop has a 23 hour cooldown to encourage players to make their own chestshops as part of our goal for a 100% player-run economy.

Player Shops
Players make shops with chestshop. Some shops allow you to sell to them. You can also make your own chest shop.

After talking with another player and agreeing on a task and payment, complete the job and recieve the payment. Players can pay others with the /pay command.

You gain $100 per hour of being active on the server.

Auction House
You can sell items on the auctionhouse with /ah sell [item]. Alternatively you can enter the auctionhouse by typing /ah. You'll gain more slots as you rank up.